Bass Is a Low Instrument

Treading on your interdiction and violating common sense

Chuck Meyer
18 January 1974
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I was born in Ohio, schooled in Kentucky, sat a spell in Boston, and currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. I work for the government and a contractor by day and play in a band at night.

My secret weakness is electronica. Drum'n'bass, Happy Hardcore, Trip Hop, Garage... it's all so yummy. I don't go to dance clubs nearly as often as I use to. I miss that.

My public weakness is rock music. I'm a bass player for the band Hidden People.

The intersection of the two is apparently Electroclash. I really like that. Even if it's dead.

I'm also a recovering karaoke junkie -- in Boston it was mainly at the Milky Way on Tuesdays. I'm reformed now, but do have the occasional Sunday night relapse at Lit.